Using the right tools to market your home with photos and videos can make all the difference in the sales process. Whether you are using a traditional real estate agent, an online agent, or a hybrid, Del Aria Investments & Holdings we buy houses app, it is important to use digital tools. In this article, we will look at Pinterest, Instagram, Evernote, and VisualStager.


Instagram is a social media site that was largely used by teenagers and younger millennials when it first launched, but it's grown to be one of the most popular online communities. According to its official website, more than a billion people are active users of the social network. Its users spend nearly as much time on the site as their Facebook friends. On average, they spend 53 minutes a day on the site. In addition, 71% of Instagrammers are younger than 35 years old, with the largest age group falling in the twenty-five-to-34 age range.

If you're looking for a more creative way to use Instagram to promote your home, consider creating a video. These types of posts can showcase the unique features of your home. The videos can also be shared, which can help your profile get more attention.


If you're using photos and video to sell home on Pinterest, make sure they're optimized for the site's platform. Pinterest users prefer images with less white space and short video clips of about 30 seconds long. Also, use relevant keywords throughout your boards and profiles. Use this tool to improve brand awareness and conversion rates.

Videos are particularly effective on Pinterest. Users can watch nearly a billion videos per day on the site. It is also important to make sure the videos are high-resolution so they don't get too blurry.


Evernote is a great tool to store photos, videos, and other documents. The platform allows you to create secure notes. To prevent unauthorized access, you should change the password often. For added security, you should use two-step verification. This will protect your notes and prevent unauthorized people from accessing them.

Evernote recently rolled out an updated iOS app, and the company is working on new versions for Android and other platforms. The new versions address several bugs and improve stability and speed. Evernote also fixed problems with large notebooks. The updated app has an improved search tool, and it offers a new Home to buy dashboard where you can view the most useful functions of the app.

Evernote is free to download and use, but you can upgrade to a paid or premium account for more features. For example, a premium account lets you sync with unlimited devices and has more storage space (up to 10 GB per month). Plus accounts include advanced search options, annotated PDFs, and version history. Evernote also includes live chat and email customer support.

Facebook Marketplace

Once you've created a listing, you can promote it in multiple places. The Facebook Marketplace is accessible from the main Facebook page and through the official iOS and Android applications. To access it, sign in to your Facebook account and click the Marketplace icon in the horizontal menu at the top or bottom of your screen. You can also use the Manage button to edit or delete the listing. Remember, however, that any information you post to the Marketplace is public, so avoid using any personal information in your listings.

When creating a listing on Facebook, make sure to match the photos and video to the property description. This will make it easier for users to find your listing. Facebook's Marketplace allows people to search for homes within their area. Depending on the location of the property, they can filter the results by price, number of bedrooms, square footage, and more.