Plumbing and drainage problems usually occur if you put certain things down the drain. Plumbing problems are one of the worst things a homeowner would face, and it may cost much to resolve the issue. Your household plumbing is an intricate system so only a professional plumber can spot issues and correct them before they become major problems.

 As a homeowner you can do many things to avoid blockages, but the majority of the issue can be resolved if you know what you place down your drain.

Coffee grounds

Most people think that coffee grounds are small enough to run smoothly down the drain, but that’s not the case. Most of the professional plumbers say that coffee grounds are one of the deadly causes of a clog in your kitchen pipes.

Fruit Pits

Garbage disposal blades are not that sharp to grind up fruit pits. Either throw it away or use them for composting.


Eggshells may seem harmless, but when you put down the drain, the garbage disposal will start grinding them up into small bits. These wastes will get stuck in grease and fat and other oily substances which creates a huge clog that may easily damage your pipes. Dispose the eggshells by putting them in the trash can.

Fats, oils, and grease

Avoid pouring any type of fats, oil, and grease down your kitchen sink. What will happen if you pour down the drain? If they cool off, a sludge will be formed which solidifies inside your pipes. If this repeats then it builds up and creates a blockage in your pipe. It also collects other items to stick to it, causing an even bigger issue in the long run.

Sanitary products

Flushable wipes will actually not flush. Even if it’s safe to  flush as per the packaging conditions it’s not good to do it. Most probably, cotton is used to make such types of products. The waste will remain inside of your pipes and contribute to a huge pipe clog. So instead of flushing them down, just throw them away.


Paint contains harmful chemicals which causes a huge pollution to the environment and the local water supply. If you have small amounts of leftover paint, allow it to dry, let it get hard before disposing. The big issue is the number of toxins and chemicals from the paint which can affect the water supply.

Household Fluids

Household fluids include things such as household cleaners and car fluids. You may wonder how these fluids can damage the pipes? But yes, the clogs in your pipes are due to the chemicals.

If you’re washing them down the drain, they will go down your drain and affect the water supply. Car fluids should never be disposed of in your household water system. Don’t use toxic household cleaners into the water system by switching to all-rather use the natural cleaners. 

Avoid throwing the above items in your drain!